About Us

Welcome to Sense Suites! At this unique location in the historic city center of ‘s-Hertogenbosch amidst museums, shops, terraces, restaurants and the cosiest Brabant cafés you will find Sense Suites in a characteristic monumental building. Travelers from all over the world love to visit the capital of the province of North Brabant for a short or a longer stay. It’s easy to feel welcome in the sunny south, were it’s usually a few degrees warmer than in the middle or north of the Netherlands, but especially because of the great overall atmosphere created by the locals with their joyous personalities.


Sense Hotel is located in the same building as the Michelin-star awarded Sense Restaurant. At Sense Restaurant you will experience surprising, subtle flavor combinations in dishes that are of course completely prepared in their own kitchen. Patron cuisinier Dennis Middeldorp gets the best out of fresh ingredients: “When coming up with a dish, we bring together the essence of flavors: enjoyment of taste, color, mouthfeel, the atmosphere in the restaurant, everything has to be right.”

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